My Viewtrakr Compensation Plan page

The one question I’ve been getting several times a day since I joined Viewtrakr back in January is “What’s the Viewtrakr Compensation Plan like?” Obviously, when you’re passionate about a business you’re working hard for, you want people to fall in love with it too. Sometimes, this can cause you to oversell. What I always have to bear in mind is my prospects are on the outside looking in.

They don’t love Viewtrakr as much as I do! They need to see potential for themselves to make good money. Now, it just so happens that the Viewtrakr Compensation Plan rocks and will enable many people to earn a full time income with part time hours.

Once I answer the questions, most people climb on board but I’ve created the Viewtrakr Compensation Plan page to direct all new prospects to. My team members will be able to use this if they haven’t built their own as it saves a lot of conversation time.

Find out how I will have prospects signing up to Viewtrakr in crowds thanks to my Viewtrakr Compensation Plan page HERE