Igor Kheifets Solo Ad Tactics Revealed

Over the past 20 days I’ve been conducting a little social experiment regarding my website rankings. I’m trying to determine just how important social signals and engagement are when it comes to boosting my site in the eyes of Google. There will be an official blog post on my findings coming soon but let me explain how this project of mine led to an interview with Solo Ads superstar, Igor Kheifets. 

While meticulously studying my site rankings on Alexa, I noticed that a huge percentage of the visiting traffic came from people searching for Igor’s Solo Ads. 2 out of the top 5 keyword searches (including the number 1 spot) are ‘igor solo ads’ and ‘solo ads igor’

I have plenty of posts about Solo Ads on my site but NOTHING specific about Igor. This means that my readers are NOT getting what they what. They may be getting good general information on Solo Ads via myself describing my own results and experiences but they’re not finding any content on Igor. 

Well, you’ve gotta give the people what they want! 

I don’t want to let my readers down. I don’t want people visiting my site and bouncing off after one page thinking “God, why did Google lead me to this site when it doesn’t even have what I’m looking for?!”

Giving my readers Igor Kheifets’ Solo Ads Tactics 

I asked Igor what we could do to provide my readers with what they want. Naturally, I want to provide great value and content but I also don’t want to miss a beat. A great opportunity like this needs to be capitalized on. For both of us. 

It was all Igor’s idea to conduct an interview, providing 60 minutes worth of value. This would give my readers what they’ve been searching for. I suggested that I ask my IM friends and anybody interested in Solo Ads and List Building what killer questions they’d like to ask Igor and Igor was totally game. If anything, he was concerned that he would talk too much and the allocated time would run over! We appreciate that people can only take in so much information in one sitting and didn’t want to overwhelm any newbies. 

We didn’t get the chance to go through everyone’s questions, so I apologize if yours was missed out. If you comment on this post and ask Igor or get in touch with him (contact details at the end of this post), I’m sure he’ll be able to comply. 

I’d like to thank Igor Kheifets for taking the time out to allow me to interview him. I learnt a lot, myself and it was a fun experience talking to such a successful, driven entrepreneur.