If the answer is YES then read on… I want to thank you for finding your way to my website and taking the time to read what I have to say.Just by being here shows you have an interest in what I do and this may help you make the decision to change the way you work and earn. Everybody would like to make money online but will they put themselves out there? Before we start let me point out to you that I CANNOT promise you riches beyond your wildest dreams! But what I CAN promise is to provide you with the tools needed to help achieve the goal of earning a decent income online. 

There are Internet Marketers out there who claim their many products will help you make money online and I’ve paid out many times without success. I guess you have to fail before you succeed. I won’t name any names, that’s not my style but I will tell you that it IS possible to make money online BUT ONLY if you take it seriously and WORK for it!Firstly, I’ll tell you about my background and how I became involved in this business:

Make Money Online: Career Change

My name’s Gareth Morgan, I’m 31 and live in Hereford in the UK. My favourite past times are watching movies and TV, music and sports, most specifically football but I also love Boxing, Tennis and Basketball. I’m an avid Manchester United supporter and have tried to see them as often as possible. The first match I saw live at Old Trafford was against Luton Town back in 1989 but unfortunately, due to the nature of my job and having to work weekends, my last was Wayne Rooney’s first league game back in 2004. I remember being very excited because he had scored a hat trick in mid-week on his debut in the Champions League! 

I love the movies of classic horror director John Carpenter and as a child originally wanted to be either an actor or director. My first genre love is horror and always will be but I enjoy actions, thrillers and comedies just as much as the next guy. I’m also a huge hip-hop fan and find the life and work of many artists extremely interesting, especially Tupac Shakur. I thrive in social environments, meeting new people from all walks of life is something that has always been a big interest of mine. I also love to travel and have visited many great places such as the East and West coast of America, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Thailand and Crete.

My mission hasn’t always been to make money online. Academically, I left school with decent GCSE qualifications including 2 A’s in English Language and English Literature. It was the first time in 3 years a male student at my high school had achieved 2 A’s in these subjects. I gained A-Levels in both as well as Business Studies and went on to earn a degree in Business Studies and Marketing. I’ve worked in the sales arena since I was 17 and have plied my trade as a sales representative with companies like Sony and Panasonic. In my current job I have achieved yearly sales figures of over £1 million 2 years running and narrowly missed out on the 3rd year with sales of £985,000 but I’m proud of that achievement as the recession hit us very hard! My specialist areas are Brown/Grey goods and I’ve watched the fall of the CRT television, the rise of the Plasma, LCD and LED technology. This has always been an interest of mine and seeing one of my favourite movies in High Definition on the blu-ray format reinforced my love of technology.

The reason why I decided to pursue this business isn’t quite what many of you would expect. Like I said before, it wasn’t previously a thought of mine to make money online. You probably think I’m going to say harsh things about my job “There’s no money in it!” or “I’m sick of it, it’s boring, I want out now!” Well on the contrary to how I know a lot of you feel, that’s not really true. There IS money in what I do and I really enjoy it, especially the colleagues I work with and people I meet. My main issue with the sales environment is the hours I work! I NEVER got weekends off unless I book them and I basically haven’t really experienced a Christmas as I work ridiculous hours. Due to this I had to quit playing 11 a side football AND going to Old Trafford to watch Man United play! I just needed MORE SPARE TIME to be able to do the things I want to do when I want to do them! Plus, I’ve always been intrigued as to whether I had what it takes to make money online.