Adventures in Online Marketing 3

As I’ve just hit the 4 year mark in my online marketing adventure I’ve taken some time out to re-evaluate my long term goals. I’ve realised that I’ve neglected my official website for TOO LONG! And so, a new goal begins for me, today.

I’m going to get my blog ranked as highly as possible by creating content and posting DAILY! It’s going to be difficult as I’ve pretty much ignored it for the last 4 months but I’m more than up for the challenge! I’ve spent all of my time recently by building relationships and business contacts via social media, most notably Facebook.

However, the time has come for me to harness what I’ve learnt about Facebook and social media and collaborate the two powers together.

My official website was once ranked just under 300,000 globally and just over 200,000 USA at it’s peak (around August 2012). Look at where it is now. I’ve let it slip.

Ok, it’s still doing quite well in the UK but could be a hell of a lot higher. At one point it was around 50,000.

Happy 4 Year Anniversary To Me!

So, this month marks 4 years since I began my online marketing journey. Before I was kicking butt with my awesome Six Figure Mentors and Viewtrakr businesses, I was a brand spanking newbie. I would like to say that for the next 60 days or so I will be blogging daily and sharing my story from my very first day up until the present. However, I can’t put a timer on how long this will take, so I’ll break it down into smaller 500 word blog posts and just keep going until it’s done! 

I’m very aware of how many people out there will read a ‘my story’ and think one of two (or two of two) things:

  1. “I don’t give a crap about any of this!”
  2. “Yeah, this is all very nice but how will this help me?”

I will do my best to input as much help and advice as possible while retaining a cohesive narrative. I don’t want to deviate from my story, as it’s one that could save you a lot of time, money and heartache but I don’t want to make this ‘ALL ABOUT ME’. The bottom line is to help as many people as possible make some money with their online endeavours.  

So, what has happened to my online business in the past 4 years? 

Not a lot, really. This and that……JOKE! The question should be ‘what HASN’T happened?!’ I’ve seen more ups and downs than a rollercoaster (ooh, what a rubbish cliche). 

Stay tuned because moving forward I will be sharing tonnes of crazy little anecdotes that will leave you scratching your head, wondering why I even bothered and pumping your fists in the air with sheer joy. 

Firstly, I’ll discuss why I started looking at online marketing and following on I’ll provide you with details on my very first product purchase. My first foray into the world of online marketing. 

I’ll give you a taster….it started off well, lasted all of 15 mins and then collapsed quicker than a red headed man in the desert!  Until then…