Adventures in Online Marketing 2

Moving on swiftly from yesterday’s Part 1 introduction to my ‘Adventures In Online Marketing’, I’m going to share with you how I first became interested in becoming an entrepreneur and running my own internet based business. 

Prior to April 2010 (and long before the days of The Six Figure Mentors and Viewtrakr) I had been a rep working for electronics companies like Sony and Panasonic. I’m a massive movie and music fan and a huge geek for the latest gadgets, therefore selling televisions, home cinema solutions and laptops was good fun for me. 

The problem was, I was becoming bored of the ‘buzz’ of selling these goods and we all know that working for these kinds of companies isn’t as much fun as using their products! I love watching movies on a big screen TV and banging out some tracks on a top end stereo but do I want to talk about the specifications all day? Not really. 

It must be like working in a cinema or a pub. Being around movies and booze all day sounds like a good idea but unless you’re the one partaking in such activities, it must become a bit of a drag! 

What’s all this ‘making money online’ stuff about?  

Because of my love for movies and socializing with friends, I would always spend hours and hours messing around on Facebook, watching videos on YouTube and chatting in forums with fellow movie fans. As much as I enjoyed this, I started to realize that it wasn’t the most productive way to spend my time. I would often see adverts for products on the sides of websites and think to myself “obviously, people are making money using the Internet, but how?” 

It wasn’t long before the notion of doing this myself entered my head. I was spending so much time online I may as well try to profit from it. One of my favourite sites was called ‘Arrow In The Head’ – it’s a horror movie site with an amazing forum. Before the days of Facebook and Twitter we would socialize by discussing our favourite movies in a blog post form. No live chat here, just messages and comments left on various movie topics open for discussion (I didn’t even know what a blog was – to me I was simply ‘replying’ to topics).  I remember leaving a comment that could easily rival one of these blog posts for length and having to wait until the next day to see a reply because most of my friends were in America and didn’t come online until later in the day! 

So, anyway, I started searching Google for….(you guessed it) ‘make money online’. All kinds of options would come up and being a user of Google I would usually only ever click the top 3 entries. I can’t remember why I never seriously looked at anything above the fold but it turned out to be an ad on the side of my page that grabbed my attention….