Washington Monument Ticket Prices

There is no admission fee to visit the Washington Monument, but you must reserve your tickets. Pre-ordered tickets cost $1 and are good for up to 6 people. Tickets are required for each person over two years of age. Reservations can be made at least 30 days in advance and will be released at 10am each day.

555-foot-tall obelisk

The 555-foot-tall oblong obelisk Washington Monument stands in the center of the National Mall. It’s a symbol of American achievement and national pride. You can climb up to the top and enjoy panoramic views of Washington, DC. You can also visit the museum, which provides information on the monument’s history.

You can visit the 555-foot-tall oblong monument for an impressive view of the city. Admission to the obelisk costs about $55. It’s a popular tourist attraction. The obelisk is also the tallest freestanding stone structure in the world. Its height is 555 feet, 5 1/8 inches tall. You can also take a tour of the interior to see how the monument is made.

The obelisk was designed by freemasons. Ancient Egyptians used the obelisk to honor their sun god, Ra. They considered him to be the creator of the world. Today, the obelisk symbolizes the 50 states.

Visitor screening facility

The Washington Monument is an obelisk-shaped building located on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. It was built to honor the first president of the United States, George Washington. The monument is open to the public for viewing and is free of charge. There is a visitor screening facility located inside the building.

The monument was closed for three years after 9/11, but reopened on December 15, 2013. Visitors would have to pass through the security screening facility before they could enter the monument. The process is similar to that of going through airport security. The only difference is that there is no holding area or lockers for visitors’ belongings.

The elevator system and visitor screening facility have been completely overhauled and are now operational. It is now open nine to five, except for Christmas Day. From the top of the monument, visitors will have a panoramic view of Washington, DC and the National Cathedral.

First-come, first-serve basis

If you want to visit the Washington Monument, you need to get tickets ahead of time. The lodge at the base of the monument is the place to get tickets, but it opens at 8 am. If you want to visit the monument during peak season, you’ll need to arrive early, because the lodge typically gives out all of its passes in the first hour. It’s also possible to request your preferred time slot. Be sure to purchase a ticket for everyone in your party, including children under two. Tickets for the monument sell out fast during peak seasons, and you’ll find long lines in front of the lodge.

You can find Washington Monument tickets at the Washington Monument Lodge, located on 15th Street between Madison and Jefferson Drives. There’s also a souvenir shop there.

Cost of tickets

There are three ways to purchase your tickets to the Washington Monument. The National Park Service typically releases tickets about 30 days in advance washington monument ticket prices. They also save a certain number of tickets for the day before they are released. This means that if you buy your tickets in advance, you will have time to get to the monument on the day you are visiting. You can also buy same-day walk-up tickets. These are released at 8:45 am in the Washington Monument Lodge.

A ticket to the Washington Monument is an inexpensive way to view the monument from a high point. This historic structure is located halfway between the US Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial. From the base of the monument, you will see the White House, as well as an impressive array of US flags. You can also visit the top for free. However, you must get your tickets in advance, as the National Park Service only reserves a few each day.

The Washington Monument is free to visit, but you must reserve your tickets online. You must also remember that you cannot take your children without a ticket. The monument is a national historic landmark and the tickets are free, but you need to reserve them ahead of time. If you’re buying tickets for your whole family, it’s best to purchase a minimum of six tickets.