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Gareth Morgan's Tweet Adder Review

tweet adder review

tweet adder review


What is Tweet Adder?

Tweet Adder is marketing software designed to compliment social media networking site Twitter. It enables you to tweet to your followers automatically, follow people, send direct messages, search for followers and tweets using targeted keywords and more. For more details click here


How much is it?

This depends on how many Twitter profiles you have and how many profiles you plan on having. 1 profile is $55, 5 is $74, 10 is $110 and for unlimited profiles it's $188. Once you have purchased Tweet Adder there are no recurring monthly payments. 


Seriously, is Tweet Adder any good?

In a simple answer, yes. It's actually VERY good. Tweet Adder is highly rated around the net as the number 1 Twitter marketing software and I have to say I agree 100%. It is a monumental time saver and in my opinion crucial to anybody, newbie or seasoned marketing expert who wants to gain a huge Twitter following and drive traffic to their websites. Twitter is fun but without Tweet Adder there is just no way you will gain a huge amount of followers unless you're famous for whatever line of work you're in or spend hours, days, months and YEARS tweeting away and manually following people in the hope they'll follow you back!

I started using Twitter in April 2010 and by August 2010 had around 100 followers. I hated using it and really couldn't see how it would create traffic or sales. What's the point in tweeting your website when only a few people are going to see it?! I purchased Tweet Adder and now have around 9,000 followers and in all honesty, I only really hammer the automatic tweets 2 days a week. Imagine what results you could be getting with 5 or 6 days of solid tweeting! It's a great way of promoting yourself, tweeting links to your blogs, videos, sales pages, landing pages to thousands of people at any given time. The Tweet Adder search feature is great too. To find like minded people you can use keywords like 'make money online' and it will follow everybody who that keyword is directly related to.

The downside is that the Tweet Adder software can be very glitchy and troublesome. It's very easy to use in general but when it plays up it can be a nightmare. I've had tons of problems in the past and inundated their support with tickets and while they always get resolved (hence why I still use Tweet Adder), waiting for that resolution gets frustrating.



  • Cheap enough to pay for even the unlimited profile package with no monthly recurring costs
  • Lifetime support
  • Massive time saver for building a Twitter following and increasing the awareness of your business
  • Easy to use and very addictive
  • Huge online reputation with the top Internet marketers



  • Not always smooth sailing with glitchy software and constant updates causing sporadic problems
  • Your tweets will come across as spammy and automated if you abuse the software



If you plan on using Twitter as a part of marketing your business, Tweet Adder is a 100% MUST HAVE! It's far from perfect but is definitely the best automated software you can get your hands on. It's simply a massive time saver which enables you to focus on other jobs while it works in the background, following people, tweeting your messages to thousands and creating a buzz for your business. 



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3 Responses to Tweet Adder Review

  1. Luke Dale says:

    Twitter Adder is an amazing tool to generate automated tweets. It has many useful features as well as it is easy to use.It becomes a manageable work if visitors are categorized as per their area of interest.Tweet adder will be a boon for the ones who hold interest  in specific areas.

    • Gareth Morgan says:

      Thanks for your positive input, Luke. Your comment made it into my spam box but I found worth in it, even if you did shamelessly plug your own Tweet Adder affiliate link. I don’t blame you for trying! ;-)

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