The Six Figure Mentors Review: Bonus Cashback Offer!


The Six Figure Mentors Review: Questions Answered! 


Hey everyone, I have something important I want to discuss: The Six Figure Mentors review.

Around March 2012, I posted a Six Figure Mentors review. The feedback has been nothing short of remarkable because it was 100% honest. People were pleased with the way I explained what The Six Figure Mentors is, how much it costs and what the pros and cons are. Yes, I even put bad points! Why? Because myself and everybody else online is sick at being duped into so called money making 'programs' that gloss over the negatives. 

Another thing I have noticed over the last 12 months or so, is how many people on sites such as the Warrior Forum comment on how they can never seem to find much information on The Six Figure Mentors (besides my Six Figure Mentors review, of course), without actually becoming a member. This worries and prevents people from joining. Stand by for my most extensive Six Figure Mentors review yet! 


six figure mentors review


The Six Figure Mentors Review: No decent information online?

Big issues include:


  • What exactly IS The Six Figure Mentors?
  • Is it or isn't it MLM (Multi Level Marketing)?
  • What do you sell when you join?
  • What is the Six Figure Mentors community?


Now I'm going to reply to these queries with my own personal thoughts, my own 'updated' Six Figure Mentors review. Fellow members may or may not agree with what I say but I can only share my own experiences of being a member since it began in August 2010.


What exactly IS The Six Figure Mentors?

It's an Internet Marketing University and a marketing job rolled into one. All around the world students pay thousands each year to go into higher education. In the UK, students attend Universities for around 4 years to study for a degree in a chosen subject. By the end of this period, they usually have the experience and knowledge to succeed in their chosen field. The Six Figure Mentors is not much different. Will it take you 4 years to learn what you need to learn to succeed? No, but you WILL continue to learn the whole time you remain a member. 

You will be taught the necessary skills and techniques to build your own online business via a range of media such as videos, articles, live and pre recorded webinars with experts and a live community.


Is it or isn't it MLM (Multi Level Marketing)?

Yes and no. The Six Figure Mentors claims that it isn't MLM but it kind of is. Some people may become a member and only ever use The Six Figure Mentors for the training to help them market any product they wish to sell. For example, you're into weight lifting. You know of a great affiliate product that will help budding weight lifters and want to make commission for helping to sell it. The Six Figure Mentors will show you how to create great sales funnels that will help sell your chosen products in whatever market/niche you wish to explore. 

However, you can also make money by selling on the training The Six Figure Mentors offer. There are commission structures and benefits of encouraging people to join your 'team'. For example, if I sell the Elite training package, which costs $2,297 and an ongoing monthly cost of $97 to a brand new member, I receive $1,000 commission and $20 for each month. If my team member then goes on to sell a package, I make a little bit of money from that sale and so on. So yes, I can understand why people call it MLM. 

I use The Six Figure Mentors for both. I sell packages on but I also continue to use the training for my own businesses I run on the side.


six figure mentors review


What do you sell when you join?

I've basically covered this over the last two points but I'll reiterate. You have the option of selling on The Six Figure Mentors training packages and building your own 'team' of online entrepreneurs. You can also use the training provided to create your own products in a niche you're interested in (weight loss, dog training, home DIY, software, gaming etc) or simply sell other people's products and make commission that way.


What is The Six Figure Mentors community?

Ok, when you log in to your Six Figure Mentors back office, you gain access to a community, which consists of a forum and a chat room. The forum has archived articles and videos from members. All the content is related to Internet marketing and could be based on people's successes, failures, marketing tips and tricks or just general chit chat. If you're struggling with a particular topic, you can post it in the community and talk to any one of our scores of members from all over the world. There is live chat and also genuine support, where you can submit a ticket to the technical department if it's a bit more urgent.

The Six figure Mentors community was my second home for the first 6 months and got me through so much. I cannot stress the importance of being able to chat to various people with various skills. There are complete newbies, novices, intermediates and full on expert veterans, always at hand. 


The Six Figure Mentors Review: Bonus January Cashback offer!

Now that I've gone through the finer points of the new Six Figure Mentors review I'll say that I understand buying the Elite package isn't a light decision. There's a lot of stuff out there and you want to make sure you make the right choice. NOBODY wants to be scammed and lose their money! For this reason and obviously because I want to make sure you buy the training from me and nobody else (we're all here to make money, right?!), for the whole month of January, I'm offering a Six Figure Mentors CASHBACK deal!

If you buy an Application Pack, sign up for the Elite package through my link and pay the full amount of $2,297, once the payment has cleared into my account, I will give you BACK the $297! This takes my commission down from $1,000 to $703! I don't think anybody else is doing this offer right now so get in quickly before I change my mind!


six figure mentors review

All you need to do is pay a paltry $19.95 for the Application Pack. You get immediate 'student' status, where you're granted access to some training and a chance to look at your back office. Fill out the Application Pack as honestly as possible and then you can either jump straight in and sign up for the Elite through the back office link or wait for a phone call from one of our top guys to discuss a bit more at length. I hope this concludes an even more detailed Six Figure Mentors review.


What are you waiting for?! Start 2013 with a fresh career plan!


Enjoy my new Six Figure Mentors review? Click here to read my original The Six Figure Mentors Review

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10 Responses to The Six Figure Mentors Review: Bonus Cashback Offer!

  1. Virginia says:

    Hi Gareth,

    Just like to say thanks for the review, I've just started 2 days ago and was really struggling to figure out the fuss over SFM. From reading your post reviews I now have a better understanding of the SFM process. 

    Cheers 🙂

    • Gareth Morgan says:

      Hi Virginia,

      Well I can see that you’ve signed up already, so congratulations! It’s a shame you didn’t come through my link but I’m glad you’ve seen the value in what SFM has to offer. Good luck!

  2. Samantha says:

    SFM looks a real deal. I would definitely like to join the training package. Thanks for providing you’re honest review. I am keen to create my own product and market it by end of this month.

    • Gareth Morgan says:

      Hi Samantha,

      SFM is a very good way to learn how to do just that. The Sales Funnel methods it teaches can be applied to any product in any market so go for it! 🙂

  3. Isaiaha says:

    Great article – nice to hear honest feedback. Sometimes it’s tricky to see through all the stuff and really know what’s it’s about before you pay to get into the inside.

    Thanks for the great information

    • Gareth Morgan says:


      Been there. I’ve paid good money upfront for various training modules and hypey products that didn’t live up to the promise. It makes finding a good one even more rewarding.

  4. Purnima says:

    Hi Gareth, You had illuminated the aspects of SFM in a benignant manner .This package caters to all the practical knowledge that is required to build and grow an online business. It teaches the benefits of leveraging the internet in the best possible way . Looking forward to further beneficial share in the future.

    • Gareth Morgan says:


      Thanks for the positive feedback. If you ever have any questions about The Six Figure Mentors, don’t hesitate to ask.

  5. Sarah Park says:

    Hi Gareth,

    Looks like a lot have been impressed with your Six Figure Mentors Review. 2012 was indeed a successful year for you. Congratulations to you, Gareth. I’m sure everyone are excited what you have in store for everyone this year.

    • Gareth Morgan says:

      Thanks Sarah,

      I just don’t believe in selling junk. Word gets around quickly and a bad reputation can ruin you. As long as I’m being straight and up front about any negative aspects of something I’m selling, people can make their own decisions and I’m happy.

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