The Importance Of The Google Disavow Link Tool

The Google Disavow Link Tool: An Explanation


*Irony – A Google Black Hat*

Whether people believe it or not, ‘negative SEO’ does exist in the internet world. Negative SEO, which is also commonly known as Google Bowling, is a dangerous tactic that can easily sabotage your online business. It hits exactly where it hurts, i.e. your online business’s search engine rankings.

With the introduction of Google Panda and Penguin updates, surviving on higher search engine rankings has become a pretty tough task. With so many new factors to take care of, you need to put the extra effort if you want to stay competitive.

Let us first take a look at why there was an absolute need of a Google’s disavow link tool.


The Need for Google’s Disavow Link Tool

Before Google Panda and Penguin, it was a stated and obvious fact that if someone is pointing bad links towards your website, it is not going to affect your search engine rankings. However, it soon became the basis of link-farming and corrupted backlinks. In an attempt to keep things competitive with other major search engines, Google needed to come up with something more detailed, comprehensive and influential.

Google Penguin update came out with a specific task of urging you to improve your website’s backlink, or otherwise, to penalize you by lowering your search engine rankings or to completely wipe it out of the search index. With this approach, Google Penguin is designed to examine and evaluate the entire SEO structure of your website. And this includes internal as well as external links.

It is impossible to have control on links that are pointing towards your website by someone else. This is where Google Bowling or negative SEO comes into play. Many businesses used this negative SEO technique of pointing bad links to their competitors’ websites, for the sake of hurting their website’s search engine rankings. And with the Google Penguin update, it really worked.

In order to counter this negative technique used by many online businesses, Google came up with a new ‘Disavow Link Tool’ for webmasters. So, if you are a victim of Google Bowling, you cannot be put a hostage for such ruthless techniques.


Who should use Google’s Disavow Link Tool?

Any webmaster can use the new Google’s Disavow link tool. However, if you are a victim of Google Penguin update, then you stand out to be one of the prime candidates for using the disavow tool. If you have failed to make other website owners delete all those bad links, pointing towards your website, you are freely allowed to use this tool.


A word of Caution:

With the launch of Google’s disavow link tool, there came a sigh of relief for webmasters and many website owners. However, using this tool also requires some precautionary steps. Matt Cutts repeatedly mentioned the importance of Google’s disavow link tool as only the “last resort” when all other options have failed.

In short, your first approach should always be to ask the website owner to bring down those links. In case of using all the possible means and resources, and still failing, you can think of using the Google’s disavow link tool. It may not prove to be the game-changer here, but this tool is certainly going to help in this regard.

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9 Responses to The Importance Of The Google Disavow Link Tool

  1. There are many workarounds on websites affected by Google Panda. It must be clear that the disavow link should be done as a “last resort”. Some webmasters are so keen for immediate results than the long-term repercussions.

  2. james says:

    The disavow link tool is really very important to remove low quality backlinks. It becomes more vital when a site is being hit by penguin.

  3. Purnima says:

    Informative share Gareth .
    I have seen many people suffering due to Google Penguin update . Google’s Disavow link tool inarguably seems a promising remedy to this . I have recently dived into the blogging world so I am on a lookout for such advice . Thanks for the update .

  4. Aayna says:

    Hi Gareth,
    Every second person is a victim of the Google Penguine Update. Disavow seems to be a nice remedy. Thanks for acquainting me to a new and useful tool.

  5. E07.NET says:

    Of course, we need to use this tool when we fail to get our links removed manually, however, you should have clear understanding what kind of links you have to remove or keep as we need natural links too.

  6. abhishek says:

    Some of my friends have used this disavow link tool and found it very helpful. Their sites have suffered from Google Penguin update..Quality is the most important thing as far as SEO is concerned. Thanks for this great info, Gareth.

  7. Andrew Stark says:

    Hi Gareth,

    I know nothing about SEO, but what I do know is that if you try and cheat google then it’s inevitable that your rankings will suffer. Focus on creating quality content and building relationships, and then they will reward you for this, the only difficult part being that it requires you to do some work.


    • Gareth Morgan says:


      Totally right. You can only dodge Google for so long but I suspect all those that are employing black hat SEO techniques will soon find their empires crumbling unless they drastically change their business models.

  8. Richa says:

    Hey Gareth
    Thanks for this great info on Google Disavow Link tool. Penguin update has affected many websites and this tool looks very helpful in removing the bad links.

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