How to Supercharge Your Site for Better Mobile Earnings

How often do you browse on your mobile?


It’s the mobile revolution.

We hear this seemingly every time a new piece of technology is released or a search engine algorithm update processed.

For whatever reason, though, the vast majority of website owners (including myself until very recently – although this website is yet to be 'mobilised') ignore the signs of a sea change in how websites are built, displayed and marketed.

Five years ago, 5% of web traffic came via mobile devices. In 2013 it is estimated this number will be around 16%. It’s growing fast and as more people browse on their phones or tablets, more are buying this way as well.

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If your site isn’t optimized for mobile display, you could be losing out big time. Here are some tips to supercharge and optimize your website so that when someone finds it on their phone, all of your hard work doesn’t go to waste.


Use a Responsive Design

Responsive design is no longer an option. When one in six people will view your site on their phone, you need to know they will see the same information in an easy to read format.

For this, you need a responsive site. WordPress makes this easy as many premium themes come with responsive features built-in. On a budget? Use the free twentytwelve theme that comes with WordPress 3.5 – it is responsive.


Go Social…Very Social

Mobile web browsing is almost always grounded in some form of social interaction, Facebook and Twitter in particular. Where 1 in 6 people browse online, nearly 1 in 3 people browse these sites on mobile devices.

If you don’t take advantage of this with Groups, Lists, Pages, and advertising targeting your mobile-friendly site, you’re missing a huge opportunity.


Offer Mobile Options

A mobile-friendly website makes it possible for anyone to find your site and stick to it on a mobile device. However, it’s not the only way (nor necessarily the best way) to interact with your audience on their phones and tablets.

Apps are becoming easier and cheaper to create. Where once you would need to pay $2,000 for a custom app design, today there are services like Conduit that will convert your site to a mobile app for free. There are certainly limitations on most trial or free accounts, but it’s an option and with some clever marketing, a very profitable one.


Integrate Mobile Friendly Offers

Even if your website is mobile-friendly, your content is easy to read, and you use Facebook and Twitter liberally to drive traffic to your mobile site, none of this matters if you link to offers that are NOT mobile friendly.

This is an entirely new element in affiliate marketing. Make sure the sites and services you promote are as mobile-friendly as your site. Otherwise, you risk losing perfectly viable conversions in the high-bounce no-man’s land of a desktop-only website.

Mobile-friendly is not just a tech-savvy feature anymore. It is a necessity for any brand or individual that wants to interact with their audience in an increasingly mobile environment. If you’re not using these tools yet, I strongly encourage you to start doing so soon.




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