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What is IM John Chow?

IM John Chow (Internet Marketing John Chow) is a 90 day online membership programme that teaches its members the exact same formula blogging master John Chow uses to create a $40,000 a month income. If you haven't already heard of John Chow you must be a newbie to Internet Marketing because the man is one of the biggest names around. Just Google him and find out for yourself. With IM John Chow he has made it his own unique mission to reveal his big secrets and personally coach people to the '4 Step Freedom Formula' that generates passive streams of income online. Check out IM JOHN CHOW to find out more. 

How much is IM John Chow?

IM John Chow is $47 to sign up initially and $47 each month for however long you remain a member. While the 90 day IM John Chow programme will have been completed after 3 months, you can continue to benefit from new training material constantly being updated and monitored by John Chow himself.

Seriously, is IM John Chow any good?

IM John Chow is great. I've been making money online for over 3 years now and can safely say that John Chow is one of the nicest and most helpful experts you're likely to find. There are many 'gurus' out there that claim to have a 'strict no BS' approach but with John and IM John Chow what you see is really what you get. He's down to earth and straight to the point. His blog site (simply named John Chow) is widely regarded as one of the best in the business and in 2012 won an award for best affiliate website. In his own words, 'I make money online by showing you how to make money online'. He constantly provides great value on his blog, sharing great tips and secrets on how to create a steady income online. IM John Chow is no different.

I purchased IM John Chow because I wanted to check it out. It's as simple as that. Even though I'm safely in the intermediate zone as an Internet Marketer and knew that a big chunk of the course would seem like child's play, I wanted to review it for you guys. IM John Chow has only been running for 14 days so there's a lot of time to go but I've seen a run down of the upcoming content and can reveal that it really is top notch.

The best thing about IM John Chow is that it's broken down into daily tasks, followed by a homework assignment. I know this may make it feel like you're back at school but trust me, this is a school you want to go to! Newbies will find this an absolute dream because it's never overwhelming. Sure, you can complete the modules at your own pace but I suggest 'sticking to the script' and going through them one day at a time. For example, IM John Chow opens with Day 1: 'Welcome To John Chow'. John just gives you a rundown of the programme and what you will be setting out to achieve as a member. This is followed by a simple piece of homework. Each day continues like this. The videos only take a couple of minutes and they don't overload you with information. It's structured in little bite size chunks that are easy to digest and leave you ready for the next day.

Another massive plus for IM John Chow is that there is a knowledge bank that you can refer to at anytime. You can pause the video and look something up if you're unsure what it is. John makes the videos simple and explanations detailed but you will come across terms that are new to you like domains, hosting, autoresponder etc If you don't know what these terms mean, don't worry. Everything is explained by IM John Chow and if you still don't quite understand, there are videos in the knowledge bank to take you through it, step by step.

If you want to learn how to build your own websites, create streams of income and build your own online business then IM John Chow is a great place to be.

IM John Chow Pros:

  • You learn at the perfect pace that doesn't discourage or overwhelm you.
  • You're being guided by a $40,000 a month genuine Internet sensation. John knows his huge reputation is at stake, therefore has carefully crafted a precise, detailed and practical programme that will have you up and running in a couple of weeks.
  • The price is virtually unbeatable. $47 each month is peanuts to learn this man's secrets.
  • You can become an affiliate for the product and begin making 50% commissions right away.
  • The programme isn't filled with guru fluff and 'look at me' ego nonsense. The videos are short and insightful, the homework tasks are fun and John Chow eases you into the harder, more technical stuff.


IM John Chow Cons:

  • There are other investments needed to make this programme successful for you. To get started you will still need to buy a domain, web hosting, an autoresponder and ideally, some advertising.
  • Hard work and commitment is required. The videos may be simple but applying what is taught takes time and dedication. Once again, no push button money makers here. This is the building of a genuine online business. Like any business, it must be taken seriously to reap the rewards.



I've always liked John Chow. I first became aware of him when I found a great article on his website a couple of years back. It was stuffed full of value and I knew that if this man was willing to give away great information for free, he must be worth something. A bit of research later and I realised he was a mega successful Internet marketer and rightly deserves to be. Newbies will get so much value out of IM John Chow. They'll go from being completely clueless to having their own website set up and ready to make money in two weeks. I paid £300 for somebody to make my first website when I started out because I didn't have a clue! IM John Chow guides you step by step and even makes the technical stuff seem bearable and straight forward. A sure fire winner.


Gareth Morgan's IM John Chow Rating




Interested in becoming a member of IM JOHN CHOW? Check out John Chow's video message right HERE

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6 Responses to Gareth Morgan’s IM John Chow Review

  1. Gugulethu says:

    I'm still in day 21 and it looks really cool, haven't gained anything though hehe… this is really newbie friendly and takes you step by step. I think he should have 2 sections of this course, for newbies and for advanced people because the drip-feed really sucks.

    All the content I need is in day 31 and I'll be able to see that from 8 July 2013 and there's nothing I need in the 1st 30 days.

    But it's cool I've been following John since 2011 and I highly recommend his stuff because there's no guru fluff and 'look at me' ego nonsense 😀 

    Great and honest review as always bro.

    • Gareth Morgan says:

      Hey G,

      Sure, I agree. I purchased the program with the intention of imagining I was a complete newbie and reviewing it from that point of view. I wanted to see if there was a really good product out there that genuinely helped beginners. For myself, yes, there are some very basic ‘days’, like ‘setting up a YouTube account’ and ‘choosing an autoresponder’. But I remember when I started out, this would’ve been gold to me! I had no idea what an autoresponder or AWeber was!! 🙂

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  3. richa says:

    Thanks for sharing the review, Gareth. you have put it all well here, explaining all points. I am sure it will be of great help to a lot of people.

  4. Ian says:

    Hi Gareth,

    Great review and thanks very for all the feed back. Really wanted to start as Internet Marketer and i feel IM John Chow is the best option for me as a beginner on a very limited budget and pave the way to Joining the SFM in the future. Keep up the great work buddy and as the old saying says ' what comes around goes around' so you will the the value back from what you put out,

    Cheers bud,


    • Gareth Morgan says:

      Thanks Ian.

      I’ve heard it time and time again but it’s true. If all you’re trying to do is sell, sell, sell, you’ll get nowhere. Provide your readers and subscribers with value and the sales will come. I learn from the best.

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