Gareth Morgan: Online Entrepreneur or New Zealand Economist Cat Hater?

A ton of hate mail for UK online entrepreneur, Gareth Morgan!

A couple of days ago I was astounded to see a sudden barrage of hate mail in the form of comments posted to this website and my email inbox! 


gareth morgan online entrepreneur

*Me (far right)*


I couldn't figure out what I had done to cause so much upset as I had been keeping my head down as of late. While I can be argumentative and challenging, I certainly couldn't think of any confrontations that were any more serious than light hearted banter across the social media sites. 

It was only after reading through the hate mail rather than browsing, that I realised it was a case of mistaken identity. In my travels online, I have seen my namesake pop up from time to time. There is a New Zealand based economist called Gareth Morgan and he has this week caused a major upset regarding the treatment of cats in New Zealand. 


new zealand gareth morgan

*New Zealand economist Gareth Morgan*



Gareth Morgan, the unpopular New Zealand Economist who hates cats


new zealand cats

Completely unknown to myself, New Zealand has a cat in almost 50% of its homes and Gareth Morgan has riled feline lovers by declaring his dislike for cats and urging owners to neuter their 'killer ball of fluff' to save the country's bird population. He has even gone as far to say that all cats should be neutered, should not replaced when they die and that euthanasia "is an option". As you can imagine, cat lovers had a lot to say on the matter. 


Here are some examples of the messages I received:


"gareth morgan, since your so rich and everything has to be your way, do us all a favor and s*** out a big rat and let it eat you. This is about the cat problem, You don't take out an animal from the environment they are there for a reason but the only thing your about is the dollar bill, so s*** one out and and drop off this planet, you fat f***
I hate people like you, because you are all about YOU!!!!!!"


"You are the most arrogant, selfish and idiotic human being I have ever come across.  You must have had a very deprived and depraved childhood, to have become such a bitter and twisted, sick and hateful old man."


"Most in the animal kingdom, including Mankind, kills for food.  This is not something new or alarming, is is just the way nature is.  Unless, you're a vegetarian, then that would therefore make you a hypocrite.  You don't actually kill your own food?  Then that would make you a LAZY hypocrite. 
Even birds kill.  They kill worms and insects.  That makes them a NATURAL KILLER, Gareth.  Shall we, therefore, kill the birds too?  But no, you obviously are an ardent bird lover, which in a way is very contradictory, because a true animal and bird lover loves all animals."



"For Mankind to try and eliminate a species purely for ones own pleasure is not only unbelievably narcissistic, but also completely suicidal for the planet.  Cats keep rats at bay.  If we decrease cats, even feral ones, there will be a rat plague, no doubt about it.  Only a fool would disagree.  You only have to look at Streaky Bay in Australia a few years ago.  They banned cats from their town and a plague of rats and mice took over, destroying millions of dollars of crops.  You're an economist, Gareth, so you reckon.  Go figure!"



"You want to live in a cat-free, bird-song Nirvana.  Problem is Gareth. you won't be able to see or hear the birds, as you will have rats crawling all over your face and chewing on your ears!
So do us all a huge favour Gareth:  go and live on an island far, far, away.  Just you and the birds and maybe you might at last find peace."


I'm not from New Zealand, I'm not an Economist and I don't hate cats!

I can honestly say that I was relieved the hate mail wasn't directed at THIS Gareth Morgan, the UK Online Entrepreneur. All I do is build websites, sell information products and make money online. I hope to never anger people with such controversial and outspoken opinions.

And for the record…..I love cats.


Guardian article online about Gareth Morgan and his hate for cats

Gareth Morgan's hateful infographic about how cats spell trouble for New Zealand


If you're interested in doing what I do online (make money) and don't have a weird hatred for cats like my namesake, check THIS OUT

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13 Responses to Gareth Morgan: Online Entrepreneur or New Zealand Economist Cat Hater?

  1. Liverpool Vet says:

    Should be more careful when airing views like these, because it's not a hidden knowledge that many people are raising cats for companionship. 

  2. joko says:

    I’m trying to achieve my own goals, and by looking at your content posted here I have a clearer idea of where Im heading, keep the good stuff coming.

  3. Gareth Morgan says:

    I took the time out to reply to some of the more aggressive emails. I criticised the people for not recognising the difference between my website and the other Gareth Morgan’s. Mine clearly has nothing to do with New Zealand, cats or anything regarding the subject matter an economist would be interested in. :-)

  4. Purnima says:

    Hey Gareth,
    It is unpleasant that you have suffered an identity crisis situation . It is frustrating when you are blamed for something you have not even committed .

  5. Aayna says:

    Hey Gareth,
    You have suffered a real identity crisis situation. It is actually bad, as you are subjected to the repercussions of something, you haven’t done at the first place. But, such is life; move on. Thanks.

  6. Fatima says:

    It’s actually funny what mistaken identities can do. It surely was an engaging start and I couldn’t stop myself from reading further. Interesting share :)

  7. Sara says:

    That\’s terrible! PI can’t believe you would get such vitriolic mail from strangers. People get so precious about cats…just kidding! Cats are great! Please don\’t send me hate mail.

  8. Adrian Jock says:

    Hi Gareth, LOL unpleasant situation. I don’t think that this blog post will help you too much. Those guys will not land on this page… Most probably they will visit your homepage and there will keep posting their comments. You should add THERE a link to this blog post. Use big fonts :)

    • Gareth Morgan says:

      Thanks Adrian but I’m not worried about the hate mail. I find it amusing. I just wanted to share the story with my readers because it’s extraordinary and humorous.

  9. Sarah Park says:

    What an awful incident of mistaken identity. Hope you were able to clear things up to those who emailed you and will soon email you. That New Zealand economist of the same name as your really created a noise.

    • Gareth Morgan says:

      Hey Sarah,

      Yeah, I managed to clear it up with the haters ha ha! Great blog post on female rappers by the way.

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