Create an Engaging Video in 10 Minutes or Less

There's Nothing Worse than a Boring Video!

I am a big believer in on-site metrics. If someone stays on your site longer, finds what they are looking for, and looks at a lot of pages, it is very good for your site in Google.

Sites like this are doing exactly what the search engines want them to do – solving problems and ending search. And so I talk a lot about how to get these results.

Where to place images.

How to format content.

Where to link.

This kind of stuff has a direct impact on almost every one of your key on-site metrics, but one thing that is becoming increasingly popular for this (and many other reasons) is video.

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Video is incredibly powerful. It’s engaging. It’s personal. It’s interesting. But for many people it’s also intimidating. Creating a video seems daunting and so many people avoid it, but I’m here to tell you it doesn’t need to be daunting. Here are some quick tips to put a video together fast.


The Equipment

The first step is to have the equipment you need to create your video. Fortunately, you probably already have it. Forget for a moment the big name marketers with the $5,000 SLR cameras and boom microphones.

All you really need is a halfway decent HD camera – you can get a webcam that shoots in 1080p for less than $75, and your smartphone has a decent camera on it as well if you have a dock for it.

Sound is a bigger deal here, but if you have a quiet, relatively empty room with no background noise, even that is fine. Seriously, you don’t need to kill yourself buying $200 microphones, $1,000 cameras, and new machines to edit all of it. People are used to amateur video, even from the pros.


The Software

This is even easier. If you have a Mac, use iMovie – plain and simple. It works fast, has transitions built-in, and works on the go. It also works with iMovie for iPad or iPhone so you can move files from those devices to your Mac and edit them fast.

If you have a PC, your options are more varied. Windows Movie Maker is decent software, though with some limitations. Others you can choose from include Jing, which has a 5 minute limit in its free iteration, VirtualDub and Wax among others.

If you want dedicated screen capture and webcam editing tools, you can get Camtasia or Adobe Premier but those are a little pricier.

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Record Your Video

Good videos need to do the same thing as your blog posts. They should be concise, to the point, interesting, and filled with useful information.

So write up a short script before recording. Even if you don’t read it, you should have it so you know roughly what you will talk about.

Try to keep your videos under 5 minutes whenever possible, especially if they are going to your blog. Aim to resolve one problem in your videos only and don’t fluff it out or babble.

Finally, forget about the rest for now. In due time you can start adding special effects and subtitles, interviewing people, etc., but when starting it’s all about being consistent, engaging and getting over your own discomfort at recording.

Once you do those three things, the rest will flow naturally and you’ll start getting the full benefit of video on your website.

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3 Responses to Create an Engaging Video in 10 Minutes or Less

  1. Gugulethu says:

    Videos are really intimidating for a lot of people, I know because I'm one of them 😀 Great post as always G.

    • Gareth Morgan says:

      G, it’s hard to overcome. I know many up and coming marketers who would be able to provide so much more value if they shot a couple of videos.

      I think the trick is to get your first one out of the way. You could practice at home and just remember that nobody will see you shooting it. You can have as many takes as you like and only upload it when you’re satisfied.

      You’re now the joint top dog commenter! Congrats!

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