7 Tips to Create a Lasting Relationship with Facebook Fans


Using Facebook for Business seemed like a joke, right?

A few years ago, if someone had told me that one of the core requirements of a successful Internet marketing business would be to run a content-rich, engagement-focused Facebook Page, I would have laughed.

facebook tips

Seriously, right in their face.

Facebook was a joke at first, at least for businesses. Everyone had a Page, but the ROI simply wasn’t there.

But something funny happened between 2008 and today. Facebook grew. Then it grew some more. Today, combined with other social media sites, more than 98% of the Internet-enabled U.S. population has an account. In the UK, the number is nearly as high (if not higher for Facebook alone).


Facebook has more than 1.3 billion active users and that number keeps increasing. More importantly, those people are growing used to engaging with and obtaining value from business and thought leaders on Facebook, so if you aren’t using it, you’re missing a huge opportunity.

facebook tips

So today I want to talk about something extremely important – how to build and maintain relationships with your fans. Here are seven of my favorite tips and how they’ve changed my Facebook marketing efforts for the better.

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1. Be YourselfBe relaxed. Be natural. Show your authentic self in a way that you can’t in other forums. Don’t swear or be rude if that’s who you are offline (hopefully not), but show them that they are privy to an inside look at you and your brand that others don’t get.

2. Ask REAL Questions – Everyone says to “ask questions” on Facebook, but they need to be REAL questions, not the bland filler you see everywhere else. Push buttons, force people to really think about what you offer and why it is valuable. Ask for input on your efforts. These are the questions that really engage people.

3. Provide Valuable Tools – This is a no brainer, but I’ve seen enough Facebook Pages that talk about puppy training and what someone had for breakfast to know that not everyone is doing it. Personal updates are good – they humanize your brand. But they don’t provide value. Provide value with invites to events, private content viewings and more.

4. Don’t Sell Anything (Seriously) – Never sell on Facebook. I know what you’re thinking – everyone else does it right? But the truth is that they probably don’t sell much and it drives a lot of fans away from the Page. Forget Fan count – your goal is engagement and people don’t engage with ads.

5. Create Evangelists – Empower people to become representatives of your brand. Give them information about you and what you offer. Make content they will want to share. Help them do things or solve problems so they will refer people to you. Evangelism is the key to success on Facebook and it starts with your initial interactions.

6. Leverage Social Tools – Facebook can be augmented with so many tools. I like WooBox (but there are many others) for things like contests, photo sharing, videos, and custom tabs. A simple contest for a $50 gift card can drive HUGE engagement and lead to dozens of new fans.

7. Link to Other Networks – More than a billion people is a lot, but it’s still estimated that only 60%+ of the population in the US and UK is on Facebook. There are plenty of people on Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Tumblr, or whatever else is hot that don’t use Facebook. Leverage as many as you can squeeze into your day to ensure your audience sees everything you’re creating.


Facebook is huge and it isn’t going anywhere. So if you haven’t yet, you NEED to be on Facebook, building an audience of loyal fans and giving them exceptional value that doesn’t duplicate, but supplements your blog and other online platforms. I guarantee that, in the months to come, Facebook will become MORE not less important to your online profile.


If you would like more help on how to get the best out of Facebook, these guys are experts

Contact me if you have any questions about my business and how I make money online


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6 Responses to 7 Tips to Create a Lasting Relationship with Facebook Fans

  1. LondonReal says:

    Thank you for sharing this information Gareth. To create a long lasting relationship with your fans in Facebook, you should be friendly and kind in responding to their queries and in communicating with them. And with regards on the number 4- Don’t Sell Anything, don’t make a post which obviously shows that you are selling.

    • Gareth Morgan says:

      I’m not sure whether you’re dishing out advice or making a sly dig at me there. If you’re referring to my link at the bottom of this post , that’s my prerogative. I said not to sell on your Facebook page. You can do what you like on your own blog. This post is on my blog, not on my FB page.

      I also deleted your video link. Dating and relationship sales stuff is not welcome on this site and I find it rather ironic that you don’t take your own ‘don’t sell’ advice and instead blatantly attempt to sell within your comment.

  2. alex says:

    Hi Gareth, I am searching internet for more than 2 hours but don't find better articles on this topic anywhere. Excellent writing, I am not agreed with some things 100%. Any way good

    • Gareth Morgan says:

      Thanks Alex.

      Feel free to check out my other posts. You should find some more useful tips.

  3. Adrian Jock says:

    The problem is that usually 80-90% of the fans won't see your page updates in their news feed. Facebook wants some more money ;-)


    P.S. I think that your CommentLuv plugin has a problem. It doesn't display my latest blog post.

    • Gareth Morgan says:

      Hi Adrian, 

      Yes, it is annoying now that Facebook want to exploit their power even further but if I was in their position, I’d do the same thing. I’ve looked into why your latest blog didn’t show up on CommentLuv and I’m stumped. I checked for updates, checked the settings and everything’s fine. I’ve just had another comment come through with the latest blog attached. #clueless

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