7 Sneaky Tactics to Keep People on Your Blog Longer

Does your blog deserve longer visits?

Ask 100 online marketers what they want out of their site and they’ll tell you one of two things: more traffic or more sales.

But there’s a metric that sometimes gets lost in the middle that can increase BOTH of those numbers at the same time – the amount of time any one visitor spends on your site, engaging with your content.


Time on site, bounce rate, and number of pages viewed are all important metrics that Google looks at when determining how useful your site is in solving problems for your visitors. If someone is on your site for a long time, they probably found their answer and then some, right?

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So boosting these numbers can have a HUGE impact on your site’s SERP and conversion performance, which is why I’m going to share seven such methods with you below:


1. Post a Picture – On average, you will see between 2-3% drop in bounce rate just by having your picture above the fold on your website. Heck, it doesn’t have to be you – just a human being that lends authenticity to the site and places a face with the voice.

2. Offer Alternate CTA’s – Most people have an idea call to action they want their visitors to follow. But how many people click those “buy” links? Between 1-3% if you’re lucky, right? On average, between 3-8% of your visitors are interested but not ready to click that link. So give them an alternative. Free offers, email signups, review pages, or social media links are all great alternate CTAs.

3. Split Test Your Headlines – The headline is the most effective tool on any page to keep someone’s eyeballs glued to the screen and reading. So if yours aren’t getting the job done, split test variants to see what increased time on site and what doesn’t.

4. Link to Other Content on Your Site – Deep links are text within your blog post that you link to other posts or pages on your site. They also happen to reduce bounce rate, giving visitors something to look at on another page that relates to the original query that got them there.

5. Use Social Proof – Blogs have two social proof displays – the number of likes, plus ones, tweets and shares, and the number of comments. Do whatever you can to show a solid number for all of the above. Send every post to your networks, share them often and respond to every comment to get those numbers as high as possible.

6. Write a Lot of Content – The more content your blog has the more content your readers can engage with. If you only write a post once a month, the volume will keep people from visiting simply due to a lack of options.

7. Use a Range of Media – Not everyone likes to read long blog posts, even if they are amazing. Some people are visual thinkers who want to watch or view content. Use videos, podcasts, infographics, and images to engage all types of visitors.

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If you do these seven things and are consistent with them, you’re going to see better numbers, bottom line. Don’t expect any one thing to make your site successful – great content doesn’t mean much if your readers don’t stick around long enough to read it. The packaging matters up front just as much as the content does at the end.

I check my Google Analytics every day. Help with traffic generation, along with hundreds of other training techniques, can be found HERE

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4 Responses to 7 Sneaky Tactics to Keep People on Your Blog Longer

  1. Gugulethu says:

    Using videos also works well to make the reader stay longer. Using things such as Breadcrumbs and Related posts helps improve bounce rate. But the magic bullet is, yes you guessed right, Quality Content hehe.. :D

    Another great post G.

    • Gareth Morgan says:

      Hi G,

      I’m thinking about shooting a couple of videos when I go to Benidorm next weekend. The holiday atmosphere always gets people sitting up and paying attention! :-)

  2. Hi Gareth,

    You give some excellent suggestions here. I think that I especially need to work on points 2 and 7. I have used different CTAs and media from time to time but it's something I probably haven't done enough of, although I have actually been thinking about how to do this more. You post has helped bring this to mind again and I will definitely concentrate on giving that variety.

    Thanks for the awesome post :-)

    Kind regards,


    • Gareth Morgan says:

      Hi Glenn,

      Thanks for coming back. It’s nice to read a decent, well thought reply after wading through all of the spammy crap I get! Please feel free to get involved in more of my posts. You only need a couple more to make my Top 5 CommentLuvver’s list! :-)

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