7 On-Page SEO Tips

On Page SEO Tips to Grow Organic Traffic

SEO is a vast field. And in order to achieve certain results, you will have to completely optimize your website or blog for search engines. In doing so, it is vital to put equal importance on both SEO aspects, i.e. on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

On-page SEO refers to the SEO major that deals primarily on SEO techniques that can applied directly on the webpage. Contrary to the off-page SEO method, which involves external work, on-page SEO involves work that is directly related to your website, webpage and content.

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Following are the top 7 on-page SEO tips, so you could fully optimize your website for search engines.


1.       Quality Content:

Quality content is still the most important aspect of any online business. No other technique can match its importance. If you want to optimize your webpage for major search engines, first make sure that you are providing useful and high-quality content to your users. With every passing day, search engines are putting more and more importance on the quality of a website’s content. Therefore, writing quality and useful content for your readers is the most important and basic aspect of on-page SEO.


2.       Optimized URL:

Unlike the above-mentioned tip, creating optimized URL is a bit more technical. It is important to understand that by optimized URL, we mean keyword rich URL structures. Not many webmasters understand the importance of a URL in terms of search engine rankings. In fact, many professional SEO specialists claim that the URL is the second most important place to put your keywords in. Therefore, make sure to put your webpage’s URL to a better use by incorporating related keywords.


3.       Meta Tags:

Meta Tags, which are also known as H1, H2 and H3 tags are also very important for search engine rankings. These tags are there for the search engines, so the search engine crawlers can identify what your page is all about. By incorporating relevant keywords into these tags, you can significantly improve your webpage’s on-page SEO.


4.       Meta Description:

Apart from Meta Tags, search engines also take help from Meta description to identify what your page is all about. And this Meta description also plays a noticeable role in ranking your website higher in the search engines.


5.       Keyword Optimization:

Keyword optimization is still one of the most important and widely-used aspect of on-page search engine optimization. The search engine crawlers look for primary keywords in your webpage’s content, and then expose your webpage to internet surfers who search for those keywords. In order to optimize your webpage, you need to properly scatter your relevant keywords into the webpage. But these keywords should be put into use naturally.


6.       Uniqueness:

Uniqueness is another major aspect of on-page optimization. With the gradual passage of time, the search engines have become really intelligent and smart in catching plagiarised content on the web. A plagiarised or near-duplicate content will always find extremely difficult to rank higher on the search engine.


7.       Fast Loading Webpages:

It wasn’t an important factor until the latest Google Panda update from Google. Now Google has officially announced that fast loading webpages is a major factor in search engine optimization. Therefore, reduce the amount of images and take other necessary steps to ensure that your webpages are loaded in a reasonable time-frame.


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15 Responses to 7 On-Page SEO Tips

  1. ahmed says:

    tips are awesome,the problem of new blogger is to drive traffic,by this article i know very useful thing and seo tips.Thank for sharing.Great job Sir.

  2. aziz says:

    nice article, well written and compose, great concept,thank for sharing this information about seo and its tips,meta tag,all tips and this is helpful for those who are fresh in this field.

    • Gareth Morgan says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Aziz. I’m hoping this post helps everyone who is a little ‘in the dark’ when it comes to SEO.

  3. Meta Title is also a very important factor in on-page SEO. All the above 7 points also are very powerful. Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

    • Gareth Morgan says:

      Thanks for your feedback. It’s good to know my tips are appreciated by people who are enthusiastic about SEO.

  4. I think that developing quality content should start first before jumping into other SEO techniques. How can one promote the site without the necessary content in it? Consistency and persistence come next

  5. Kevin says:

    Target relevant keywords. The more relevant your keywords are, the easier and quicker it is to rank for them, and the higher the percentage of visitors who will become buyers.

    • Gareth Morgan says:

      Thanks for stopping by and providing my readers with a good tip, Kevin. I’m so used to spamming many comments for being completely dreadful, it’s a nice change to read something helpful.

  6. Your post absolutly right morgan but now a days so many of them consentrat only creating back links not considering on page factors……..

  7. I think you nailed it with the first point. You can't do anything without having quality content, and usually no amount of great SEO, on and off site will help you more than having great content. While the others are important as well, I still place a huge weight onto having quality content. 🙂

    • Gareth Morgan says:

      Thanks Jackie. Ever since I put more emphasism on great content my site has seen a tremendous growth in overall traffic and return visitors. 🙂

  8. Keyword optimization is probably one of the most important strategies for ranking high in the search engines. It represent you so you must do all the effort on making it on top of the competition in order to make sales and generate income. 

    • Gareth Morgan says:

      I’m so glad it was a white hat seo service that stopped by because I cannot stand black hat seo techniques. 🙂

  9. maya Gough says:

    I found this SEO post very interesting. I now know what is important to focus on when talking to the designer about building my website. I got a lot of handy tips and tricks so I can follow the progress of my website and keep up to date.

    • Gareth Morgan says:

      Thanks Maya,

      I can see that you’re linking to a New Zealand based SEO specialist website. Why don’t you share a bit more about it?

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