Article Writing And Article Submitting

For the longest time I would labor over writing an article and then be so exhausted after cranking out a few I would wait till the next day or so to submit them. I would manually go to my favorite article directories and submit them one at a time. It was a tedious task to say the least. Then one night last week I stumbled across a program call Article Submitter that claimed it could submit my articles for me.


Now I know you’re thinking, Yeah it just dumps them off in any category it can and leaves not caring whether your article was accepted or not, not so with this program. It lets me choose the directories I want to publish in and then logs into the site for me. I select the category and then it posts the article.

As many of you may know the big thing about posting articles to directories is that not only do you get lost of back links to your website but you can get tons of traffic to your site as well which in turn could mean some extra Ad sense revenue for you. Not to mention a lot of Internet Marketers use article posting to let people know about their products and services.


So an article submitter program is key to making article submission efficient and as painless as possible. Anyway back to my review of Article Submitter Like I said the program lets me select which article sites I want to submit to as well as it saves my login and bio info for each site. So no longer is article su

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